What is Emma Watson Studying at Brown University?

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What is Emma Watson Studying at Brown University?
Emma Watson is studying Liberal Arts at Brown University in the USA. Apparently Ms. Watson fell in love with this American university which is located in Providence, Rhode Island. She entered her freshmen year at this university in 2009.

Before finally deciding on which university to go to, there were many reports circulating that Emma Watson might choose to study in various other universities like Trinity College in Cambridge, Yale University, and Columbia University. Various reports had contradicting stories on her definite choice of university. The only consistent report was that Emma Watson was definitely planning and excited to go to college.

Part of the confusion and contradictory news was due to Emma Watson’s decision to keep this issue somewhat private. But reports of her attending various universities in the US came about after her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe and producer David Heyman spilled the news to reporters during interviews for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Finally, in July of 2009 Emma Watson was somewhat forced to admit that indeed she chose an American university, which is Brown University, over other schools based in the UK. Besides loving the atmosphere at Brown, she liked the idea of being able to study and try different things with her degree in liberal arts at Brown. And in contrast, she mentioned that the UK university plans involved sticking to one subject for three years. She also wanted to feel “normal” and not see Harry Potter posters everywhere, that’s why she chose a school outside of the UK.

Recently though, Emma Watson announced that she’s taking time off from her university stint at Brown. She admitted that she might have to take off from school for 1 or 2 semesters to attend to her commitments to the Harry Potter movies and other showbiz-related concerns. But she also emphasized that she’ll definitely be back in school afterwards.

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