What is EMC storage?

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What is EMC storage?
EMC storage refers to the various storage devices and technologies developed by EMC, said to be the industry leader in storage market and technologies. Various storage systems developed by this company over the years have become increasingly efficient, simpler and yet so powerful making them the choice for many businesses and customers.

The EMC Corporation is among Fortune’s Top 500 companies involved in the development and support of various information infrastructure, software, hardware, and services. It was founded in 1979 and has its main office in Massachusetts, USA. Its current CEO is Joseph Tucci and the company has since become the biggest data storage platform provider all over the world.

EMC storage products include Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Celerra, Iomega, Isilon, and VNX among others. The latest VNXe unified storage system is said to be the most affordable and efficient system specially catering to the needs of smaller businesses. The newer system has also been dubbed as 3 times faster and simpler than previous versions of the technology. Part of the EMC Symmetrix family is the new VMAX storage system, which is labeled as the most smart and powerful storage sytem. VMAX also features the newest version of FAST or Fully Automated Storage tiering, wherein optimization of data location is automatic allowing for an improved software performance without any hardware upgrade.

The newest unified storage platforms and systems from EMC all include FAST caching of data of up to 2 terabytes. For most users, that would result in an optimal performance boost of up to 90%. This is certainly great news for customers as faster caching of data means shorter time spent on one particular task. The unified storage systems also allow for automated tiering at sub-LUN levels and compression of production storage by arrays. With all system boosters to EMC storage systems, all will be delighted on the ease of use of this unified platform. Add to that EMC’s latest Data Domain which allows for archiving and backup that is 7X faster than any other system available in the market.

With record-breaking innovations and technologies on the storage segment, EMC has stamped its authority in this particular industry.

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