What is embossing?

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Embossing is a technique that artistically raises a design or pattern on a piece of cloth, paper, metal sheet, or leather fabric. Through embossing a particular design can be raised three-dimensionally giving it a more artistic touch. The technique of embossing can be done in different ways depending on preferred method, materials available and desired effect. Either way, embossing is considered a great way of making an existing design or pattern look more beautiful and elegant.

The technique of embossing may be done through the dry technique or with a heating component. In the dry technique, common required materials include a stylus, stencil, and the material base to be embossed with a design.  In heat embossing, a heating source is required to raise a specific design on a piece of cloth or paper for example. Heat embossing is also referred to as stamp embossing because it involves a stamping technique to achieve the embossed or raised look of a chosen design.

Embossing may be done for a variety of reasons. In the case of wedding invitations and corporate letters for example, the basic intention is more of an aesthetic one. Invitation cards and business letters are made more beautiful, attractive, and elegant when there are embossed parts of the design. In invitation cards for example, embossed graphics will add an extra artistic touch to the otherwise flat piece of paper. In the case of corporate letters, an embossed company logo will appear more striking compared to basic printed ones. There are also cases wherein embossing is considered a functional technique. Debit and credit cards for example often have embossed names and details for them to last long and not be erased just like printed versions. Notaries seals are also functional ways of embossing because make do without the use of messy inks and stamp pads.

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