What is Email Netiquette?

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What is Email Netiquette?
Email netiquette simply refers to etiquette in writing or responding to emails. As we all know, most of the world’s communication are through the use of technology. Some communicate through phones while others communicate through their computers using chat services or email. Unknown to some, there are also basic guidelines and supposed rules in the electronic version of mail. Some of the formalities of the traditional mail may have been gone, but the rules on proper communication stayed with modern email communications.

Much of email netiquette may be applied to the corporate world since many employees use emails everyday to go about their tasks. Most companies emphasize that there is a need to have some standard or guide in handling email in the offices. The most basic reasons for such rules include maintenance of image and professionalism, increase productivity and efficiency, and liability protection.

To maintain professionalism, basic email rules apply. It is but common sense that some companies do not allow forwarding of unnecessary personal messages and pictures to colleagues at work. Some employees are also restricted in terms of email layout, while some are warned not to use company email addresses in personal communications.

To increase efficiency and productivity, employees are usually advised to make emails short and to be concise in responses. This will eventually result to less reading time and easier understanding of the message. Some are also advised to check and answer emails promptly so as not to hamper the tasks of those involved. Others are also asked not to hit “Reply All” when replying to emails to avoid sending out messages to non-essential people in the email loop.

And for liability protection, employees are advised to be very careful with their choice of words when communicating with clients, suppliers, and other business associates. Some companies also require the use of disclaimers on the bottom of the email to add further protection for the company.

Rules on email netiquette are not exactly etched in stone. But one must practice common sense to ensure proper and courteous communications with other people. One must also note that one rule from a particular organization may not apply to another. So it’s still best to know what is allowed and what is not appropriate.

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