What is Electrolysis?

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What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is a process involved in removing hair through needles inserted into the hair follicle. It may be applied on different parts of the body. But depending on hair type and growth patterns, several treatment sessions may be necessary for permanent or semi-permanent hair removal.

The process of electrolysis used in permanent hair removal was said to be practiced as early as the 1800s. By the 20th century, this particular technique was refined and led to the formation of several electrology organizations that promoted education and training in this field.

The process of hair removal involves a small and thin needle inserted into the hair follicle. And through this needle, a small current is allowed to pass through destroying the root of the hair follicle. In other techniques, some sort of needle epilator is used as a guide for a wire inserted under the skin. Both methods involve a safe dose of electric current to pass through the skin or hair follicle, thereby destroying them. In most cases, several electrolysis sessions are necessary to permanently remove hair on a specific body part.

Most people that undergo electrolysis hair removal are women. Common body parts involved are the eyebrows, underarms, bikini line or pubis area, the legs, and the back. But since this technique of hair removal involves a certain dose of electricity passing through the skin, many people are apprehensive in undergoing this type of procedure. There are also concerns that in many countries, this procedure is not strictly monitored or regulated. One must make sure that before undergoing any electrolysis hair removal session, he/she must make certain that it will only be done by qualified or professional electrologists. In some countries, those who administer or practice this technique of hair removal are required to secure licenses and permits to do so.

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