What is Ejector?

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What is Ejector?
Ejector is an executable file that belongs to the CD Ejector application of GadgetWare. This file works for the Windows 95 version of operating system. It usually installs into a person’s computer through other software or applications. Although this file does not have a security rating, many consider it to be a dangerous and harmful file. Some believe that it may cause some data corruption in registry files as most executable applications store data in the computer registry. If one encounters the ejector application through the filename “ejector.exe”, many computer experts suggest immediate removal of the file.

The ejector.exe file is usually found on the “Ejector” subfolder of the “Gadgetware” folder. This folder is typically stored on the main Program Files folder. One could manually delete this file by locating this folder or one could use several anti-virus and anti-spyware available in the market.

Ejector.exe is also a non-essential process to the operation of the computer. If found ‘running’ or active under Task Manager, this particular application could be stopped immediately. This file also does not use up much CPU processing time and so may run in the background undetected. But if a person wants to maximize the CPU’s processing capabilities, this non-essential application could be stopped without any effect on the other programs running. If a person wishes to have the ejector.exe file fully removed from the computer, other than the usual file deletion, it may be best to have the Ejector program or Gadgetware program uninstalled from the involved computer. Under the Gadgetware or Ejector folder, one may find an “uninstall” application option. By using this file, one will just need to run the uninstaller executable file and the program will remove the Ejector application. If there is no uninstall.exe on the folder, then the user needs to do the uninstallation via the Control Panel.

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