What is Egyptian cotton?

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Egyptian cotton sheets are luxurious and durable bedding that are made from many thread counts. Many consider Egyptian cotton as the best bedding due to its high-quality. The fabric of Egyptian cotton is breathable and can resist piling. It also does not produce plenty of lint, unlike most bedding.

What is unique about Egyptian cotton is that it does not get coarse over time, but rather it gets softer after each wash.

Egyptian cotton explained

The main material of Egyptian cotton is Gossypium barbadense. Some Egyptian cotton also comes from Gossypium hirsutum. Both are cotton plants and grow mostly in America. Egyptian cotton started in Egypt around the 19th century and was introduced by Egypt’s ruler during that time named Mohammed Ali Pasha.

Egyptian cotton has the ability to come up with very long fibers or staples and the fibers are able to produce very thin threads. The very thin threads account for the higher thread counts of Egyptian cotton.

In measuring thread counts, one has to measure or count the amount of thread per each 2.5 centimeters or one inch of the material. A sheet that has a higher thread count feels more luxurious. The Egyptian cotton sheets have closer and longer threads, and as such they can be used for decades as long as these sheets are taken cared of carefully.

The finest sheets are the Egyptian cotton sheets, and they sell at an expensive price; much more expensive than the usual cotton sheets. But buying Egyptian sheets is still economical since they can last up to 40 years or even more.

Consumers who are buying cotton sheets must be able to understand the thread counts and their differences. Buyers should also be careful as some would label the sheets as Egyptian cotton sheets but the material is just plain cotton blends.

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