What is EFT therapy?

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In the field of psychotherapy, EFT stands for Emotionally Focused Therapy. This type of therapy is designed but for various individuals, families, and couples who have ongoing issues and concerns with their inter-connected lives. As its name suggests, the psychotherapy sessions revolve around the subject of emotions. The same emotions that led to internal concerns between people, families, and couples are the ones that need to address in order to have them solved or relieved.

Emotional Focused Therapy is commonly prescribed for couples who have various problems that have something to do with negative emotions.  Through EFT, all the processes involved with raw emotions and the feelings of attachment are taken into consideration.  For the psychotherapy experts, relationships between couples are literally built on secure attachment which is boosted by the right mix or expression of emotions.  With a feeling of security in the relationship, couples are said to be the happiest and most stable.  For these same couples, any time that the bond or attachment does not feel secure, emotional detachment will result.  For this detachment to be addressed, EFT will be prescribed for couples with problems on emotional bonds and attachments.  It is the goal of EFT to discover what types of emotions lead to the breaking of the strong bond between couples in terms of intimacy and attachment.  Instances or moments that lead to anger and hostility for example are identified to assess its effect on the couple’s attachment and emotional security.  As for the experts, people are said to be hard-wired to seek emotional comfort and strong relationship bonds.  By simply identifying and addressing the emotional aspect of couple’s concerns, possible solutions to these problems will be discovered.

EFT is typically done between a psychotherapist and the subject couple for several sessions.  The whole therapy is considered short-term with some couples undergoing the program for only 8 weeks with others taking several weeks longer to complete.

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