What is Eee storage?

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‘Eee storage’ refers to the cloud or Web-based storage service offered by ASUS to users of their Eee PC laptops or netbooks.  Through the Eee storage, or cloud service, owners of Eee netbooks are given up to at least 20GB of cloud storage space. This simply means that user files may be saved on the Web and not on one’s own Eee netbook.  Along with this cloud storage service, Eee PC users are also given freebies in the form of downloadable apps, music, videos, and games.

Through Eee storage, PC manufacturer ASUS is basically positioning itself to become part of the cloud computing bandwagon.  Many tech-companies have now invested in what is called the future of computer file storage in the name of cloud storage.  Eee storage is one such service, and it allows ASUS customers to have a virtual storage account that is Web-based. The main advantage of this kind of storage is that the files are not stored locally or on one’s computer but rather ‘on the cloud’ or through the Web-based storage network provided by ASUS.  For the users of Eee PCs, this simply means that they can access their files from wherever they are.  The only requirement is their laptop and an Internet connection.  Whether one is at home, in the office, or traveling abroad, he/she can access his/her personal files through the Eee storage service from ASUS.

Through Eee storage, ASUS netbook users can also have an easier time sharing files and information with other people who are also part of the ASUS network.  Through the Web-based storage service offered by ASUS, one person may share the same music or video file with friends and family who may be living in different parts of the world as long as they are Eee PC users also.  Eee storage services also serves as a jump-start feature of future Web-based services offered by ASUS.  The initial offering of storage, file sharing, and free apps will soon be upgraded with more features including fee-based services among others.

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