What is EDR in Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth technology basically allows for wireless transfer of data when the devices involved are at a close range to each other. For Bluetooth to work, all or both devices must be equipped with this technology. Many modern-day devices such as mobile phones, computer tablets and laptops are now equipped with Bluetooth technology. With the Bluetooth software enabled in all these devices, one can easily transfer one file from one to another. As long as these devices are within a close range then successful file transfer is expected. Files that are seemed heavy like images, songs, and videos may still be transferred from one device to another through Bluetooth technology. With the updates and advancements of this specific technology, some devices are labelled with “EDR” functionality. EDR literally translates to “enhanced data rate”. Devices that come with Bluetooth versions 2.0 and 2.1 may also have the EDR future. As its name suggests, EDR provides “enhanced” or faster rate of transfer for files across compatible devices. Data exchange can be wirelessly transferred up to 2 or 3 times faster with the EDR feature on Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For any file transferring activities, speed is always a top priority. This is especially applicable for files that are quite heavy. Files that include audio and video for example are typically much larger than standard text files and transferring them from one device to another through Bluetooth may take several minutes. With EDR functionality though, Bluetooth 2.0 or 2.1 will result to a much faster transfer rate. The EDR update also makes it easier for users to take advantage of technology. Enhancements are provided to serve users with more ease in terms of connecting or pairing up compatible devices. The EDR feature is also said to provide extra security to the wireless data transfer making it a true upgrade to the previous versions. The best thing about EDR is that this feature is backward compatible. It simply means that older devices without this feature can still pair up successfully with newer devices with Bluetooth and EDR functionality.

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