What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

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Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy is a condition where a fertilized egg attached itself somewhere else instead of the uterus. It can happen at the fallopian tubes, abdomen, ovary or cervix. This kind of pregnancy cannot continue normally for only the uterus is capable of holding a developing fetus.

Ectopic pregnancy usually occurs in the fallopian tubes which is also known as “tubal pregnancy”. This condition may result if the fertilized egg get stuck on the fallopian tube due to inflammation, damage or the tube itself is misshapen. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance or abnormal fetal development may contribute in causing this. In some cases, ectopic pregnancy may look like a normal pregnancy for both has the same symptoms- missed period, dizziness, even pregnancy result comes out as positive. However, it cannot continue normally as the growing fetus can rupture or affect the other reproductive organs. Light vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain arethe most common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. Shoulder pains or sudden bowel movements can also be observed if the ectopic pregnancy occurred in the fallopian tubes while heavy vaginal bleeding can be experienced if it occurred in the cervix. If the fallopian tubes start to tear or rupture, one can experience heavy bleeding inside the abdomen, lightheadedness and fainting. The stakes are high during ectopic pregnancy for it can lead to death due to internal bleeding and severe blood- loss.

During the early stages of ectopic pregnancy, doctors can perform treatment by injecting a drug called “methotrexate” to stop the developing cell. In some cases, physicians perform the laparoscopic surgery in which a small incision is made at the abdomen to examine the insides of the fallopian tubes or remove the ectopic tissue and repair the fallopian tube. However, if the tubes are already severely damaged, the doctor will resort to removing the tubes itself.

There is no proven way on how to prevent ectopic pregnancy for its main cause is still unknown. However, doctors suggests to consult a physician or obstetrician when trying to conceive again after an ectopic pregnancy. The attending physician will then be able to monitor the woman’s pregnancy from its first stages up to delivery.

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