What Is Earth Science?

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What Is Earth Science?

Earth Science is the study of our planet and our neighbors in space.  Knowledge of the earth is important as it may lead to discoveries of new energy sources.  It may also help predict weather and climate patterns that affect the entire planet.  Many branches of science are used to study the earth, but there are four basic studies that encompass all areas of this science.  These are Geology, Oceanography, Astronomy, and Meteorology.

Geology is literally the study of the earth.  This covers the earth’s structure, organisms, processes, and material composition.  It is through Geology that we have learned that continents were once connected as one large mass and later drifted apart to what we see on the map today.  It was discovered that continents are like large rock plates floating on liquid matter underneath.   This explains the drifting movement that continues up to today.  With this knowledge and other discoveries, scientists are able to study the earth’s processes and learn more about disastrous events like earthquakes.

Oceanography deals with our oceans, its composition, organisms, and processes.  Since the planet is covered mostly with water, scientists aim to lessen the impact of humans to our water resources.  Studies have shown that the oceans have a large impact on the weather, and changes in the water are monitored for its effect on climate change.

Meteorology also has an impact on what we know about weather conditions.  It involves the study of the earth’s atmosphere and how it affects the environment.  Astronomy on the other hand deals with the universe and space.  Discoveries on the moon in particular reveal that it affects our ocean tides and weather patterns.

As scientists have known for years, what goes on here on earth, its atmosphere, and beyond is important and essential to our own understanding of the planet.  This understanding will then help us find ways to protect our planet and its resources.

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