What is dyke?

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Dyke is a slang or urban term referring to lesbians or lesbianism as a whole. When a person is described as a dyke, she is considered to be a lesbian and one that has a more masculine appearance. The term “dyke” is also spelled as “dike” in the past and it is usually considered foul and derogatory. At present times, some lesbian groups try to use the word “dyke” and accept it as a label for their sexual orientation and preferences. They use the term in many of their events in order to spread the word that using the term “dyke” is actually “okay” for some of them. Many people still consider this term as very offensive though because of its use in the past.

Various theories abound as to when the exact time “dyke” was used to refer to so-called masculine lesbians. Some people claim that this term came out as early as the 1920s in some novels. The term “bulldyker” back then referred to women who are said to be women who look very masculine. This term was supposedly shortened over time and evolved into the modern term “dyke”. Back in the past, using this particular term is considered very offensive and derogatory. Many lesbians back in the past were said to be offended by the term and that they were being ridiculed for their looks and choices in life.

In recent times though, many lesbian groups across the world have accepted the term “dyke” to describe themselves and this is especially applicable to those who prefer to look more masculine than others. As more people accepted the term, more lesbians even call themselves as dykes. Other people also created variations to the term for it to be applied to various lesbian types. The term “baby dyke” is used to describe lesbians that have just recently come out. “Bear dykes” are those that are for lesbians who are quite big in stature resembling the size of bears. “Femme dykes” meanwhile are used to describe more effeminate lesbians.

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