What is Dying?

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What is Dying?
Dying is the process that occurs just before a person dies. As many people say, death is a journey of a person to another world. A person approaches death uniquely and that everybody will have his or her own distinctive way. Many people fear of dying. To some it is just something that everyone must go through so there is really nothing to be afraid.

When a person gets closer to death, the process of dying begins. They say that dying is a person’s voyage from his known life to the world of the unknown. No one really knows what lies ahead after death. In a dying person’s point of view, knowing that they will soon die is something that is difficult to accept. Most of the people experiencing this are those who have diseases that cannot be treated.

Acceptance is the first and most difficult thing to deal with. Knowing that you will die brings fear. As dying phase begins, the mental path of discovery helps the person understand that death will soon come. Dying is a journey until the person in due course physically departs from his or her earthly body.

Dying may be a short or long journey. For the sick people, there are some highlights upon his or her journey to the dying phase. As mentioned earlier, everyone has his or her own unique way of dying. Therefore, it is given that no one experiences stopping on the same milestones of his or her journey to the unknown.

The highlights or the milestones of an individual’s journey to death may be few or many. It really depends on how long a person may endure the phase of dying. Some people go through the process within minutes, hours, days; some go through months and some for years. This is the reason why everyone experiences a different journey.

Acceptance is key factor in dying. Once a person learns to accept that he or she is on a dying phase of life, then he or she will learn to embrace some changes in life. Dying persons start to withdraw from their usual environment. They begin to isolate themselves, refusing visits from friends, family and neighbors. Even if they agree to be visited, they will be difficult to deal with.

Dying is a difficult phase in life, and that a person may experience loss of appetite and begin to lose weight drastically. Dying persons may confine themselves inside their room. They gradually refrain from doing any activities and not even socializing with other people even with family members.

Due to this kind of daily routine the body starts to change. The body starts to get cold and blood pressure gets lower. Heartbeat and pulse becomes irregular. Moreover, perspiration increases and skin turns pale. Fingernails and toenails become bluish. Another noticeable thing is that speech becomes lesser as days pass and will eventually stop.

As the dying phase comes to its end, a person may again change. The dying person may start to move again and begin conversing with loved ones. This is the sign that the person is ready to say goodbye and end his dying phase. As the dying gets nearer to its end, the person breathes heavily and rapidly until everything stops. Eventually, the dying phase has ended and death has occurred.

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