What is DXM?

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DXM is the short term for dextromethorphan, a substance that can commonly be found in common cough syrups. The main action of DMX or dextromethorphan is to suppress the coughing in patients. Many over-the-counter cough medicines available in the market contain DMX as the main ingredient. There are also other medicines intended for the relief of pain that contain DMX.  As a substance, DMX is labelled as a safe and effective ingredient when ingested in the recommended doses. When this substance is abused, various side effects are expected which is a cause of concern in any society.

The problem with DMX is that it can cause hallucinogenic effects when taken in excessive quantities.  This particular substance is often abused and used recreationally by so-called drug addicts and/or dependents. Another major concern is that cough syrups that contain DMX are readily available in drug stores and become an instant source for recreational users. Aside from hallucinations, people who abuse cough syrups that contain DMX may also experience extra excitement, dissociative behavior, feelings of distortion in their bodies and vision. These side effects typically occur at extremely high doses of DMX. The substance itself may even cause adverse reactions like rashes, dizziness, and diarrhea when taken under normal dosage instructions.  If DMX is used and abused, serious dissociative and hallucinogenic effects can result.

The positive feelings of excitement and euphoria are what makes people get hooked and addicted with the DMX substance. Not many recreational users take note of the fact that there are also other serious side effects of taking in too much DMX in their bodies. Extreme doses of DMX may cause gastrointestinal problems, vision loss, blackouts, blood pressure irregularities, and loss of sensation among many others.  These symptoms are often very pronounced leading to a serious medical illness. People that experience to have unpleasant symptoms need to seek medical attention immediately to avoid complication and further drug dependency.

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