What is DWYCK?

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DWYCK or Dwyck is an urban slang term used by many young people in the world today. The term “dwyck” is said to have originated from a popular rap song back in 1992. Back then, the term was used to describe some other person as a “dick” or “asshole”. Instead of using these vulgar terms, some may just blurt out that somebody is acting like a “dwyck”. Many people used this particular term to describe other persons until such time that many people have used it recently in internet chat rooms and social networking sites. Many have already wondered what the term “dwyck” is all about and how it ended up being part of urban lingo.

With the unusual spelling “dwyck”, many people have also used this urban term or slang as an acronym that supposedly means “Do what you can kid”. For most people in modern times, the term DWYCK takes this particular meaning. Many of today’s conversations are done online and over mobile phones. With the popularity of the internet and texting on mobile devices, people have basically coined out new terms and shortened phrases to communicate their thoughts more quickly than usual. In the case of DWYCK, it is pretty much easier to type five letters than to do the whole phrase when trying to tell somebody to literally “do what he/she can”. DWYCK is typically used when a person somewhat gives advice or encouragement to another in seemingly problematic situations. As the phrase suggests, a person is “to do whatever he/she can” whenever faced with a problem or concern in life. The term DWYCK is used as a modern alternative to saying “Good luck” or “Work hard” among many other similar phrases.

With different interpretations to the term “DWYCK”, people need to look out for its actual use in a sentence and check on the scenario where the phrase is used. If “dwyck” is used as some kind of ridicule, then it must mean that a person is described as something negative. If the phrase using DWYCK involves a nice conversation, it may take the meaning of “do what you can kid”.

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