What is DVI?

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What is DVI?
DVI stands for “digital video interface” or “digital visual interface’ and it refers to a standard with regards to video transmission on display devices such as computer and television monitors. It is a new technology that works best with flat monitors or LCD flat-screen panels and state-of-the-art video and graphic cards on computers and other hardware devices. The DVI technology is said to replace older “plug & display” standards and the DFP format or digital-only standard for the previous generation of flat-screen monitors. DVI is also an upgrade to the RGB or VGA inputs that uses analog signals. With the “digital” in DVI technology, compatibility is enhanced with other digital devices and hardware like LCD panels and monitors.

Modern PCs with LCD monitors are now equipped with DVI technology. Other display hardware and devices like modern television sets and video projectors also support DVI through another video interface technology called HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Both DVI and HDMI have similar electrical specifications which result to compatibility with each other. HDMI is mainly used in the manufacture of consumer electronics. But not all features and capabilities are the same and compatible with both technologies. In terms of color space, DVI only supports RGB while HDMI can support YCbCr color in addition to standard RBG. HDMI allows for digital audio transport along with the transport of digital video. In order for HDMI to inter-operate with DVI, the source and display components only need to be configured to support DVI signals.

DVI formats are of three types and these are digital, analog, and integrated. DVI digital formats only support digital signals while DVI analog is configured to support analog signals. DVI Integrated is designed to support both digital and analog signals. This integrated format works best for devices that only support either digital or analog signals.

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