What is dust made of?

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The composition of dust varies from one household to another. Basically, dust may be composed of decomposing insect parts, animal and human hair, leftover foods, mold spores, skin flakes, dust mites, pet dander and insect parts, among other.

The natural decomposition of the various items found at home results in dust. Dust, regardless of its composition is a headache of housekeepers. It also triggers many symptoms for a person who is suffering from allergies.

House dust

Dust is easily accumulated since many of the objects found at home can cause dust. These include blinds, draperies and curtains, magazines, upholstered furniture, fireplaces, books and knickknacks to name a few.

Houses that are seldom cleaned will accumulate high levels of dust. Household keepers who use low-efficiency household cleaning devices such as the vacuum cleaner will also have to deal with a very dusty household.

There are other considerations when it comes to the levels of dust such as the location of the house, kid of backyard and the maintenance of the central air system of the house.

For example, a house that is right beside a construction site will have a lot more dust compared to other houses that are far from any construction area. If there are also leaks in the duct work, and then the leak can result in more dust for the household area.

A person who has allergies to dust should stay away from dusty areas or should find ways to reduce the dust.

Constant cleaning of the house is one sure way of reducing the dust. Household cleaners may opt to use a damp mop for floors or damp cloth to clean the walls. Beds and sofas should also be constantly cleaned and dusted off using a vacuum cleaner.

Household cleaners should also use highly efficient vacuum cleaners that can absorb as much dust as it can.

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