What is Duquesne?

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What is Duquesne?

The Duquesne is one of many French warships that are specifically designed for fleet protection against possible attacks from the air, ships on the surface, or down beneath the ocean like submarines.  The Duquesne belongs to the Suffren class of French frigates and is named after a famous admiral of the French Navy back in the 17th century.  This particular admiral’s name is Abraham Duquesne, and he lends his name to various frigates and/or warships in France including the Duquesne.  In common terms, The Duquesne, as a ship, is considered a destroyer type of ship in many other countries.  But in France, the Duquesne is technically called a frigate.

Lorient Arsenal is considered the main builder of the Duquesne, and work started back in 1964.  Less than two years later, this particular warship was officially launched as one of France’s many first-rank ship destroyers.  The main purpose of building the Duquesne is for anti-air strikes or attacks from submarines and surface-level ships.  There are also some instances, though, that this warship is tasked with providing some protection to objectives that are based on the ground.  One great feature of the Duquesne is that it is among the first when it comes to guided missile technology.

The Suffren warship is similar to the Duquesne and is considered a sister ship because of its features and functions.  Back in the late 1960s, both the Suffren and Duquesne were the ship escorts to France’s aircraft-carrying ships.  As escorts, both these warships are equipped with Masurca-type surface-to-air missile technologies.  In terms of underwater protection capabilities, both ships also had an anti-submarine attack system called the Malafon system.  The Duquesne also boasts of at least two decoy launchers, a jammer-detector system, several turrets, cannons, and machine guns.  The Duquesne is also equipped with several radars including low altitude and triple-dimension radar systems.  With all its ammunition and anti-air strike and anti-submarine capabilities, some people also call the Duquesne as a ship cruiser and/or battleship.

The Duquesne was officially taken out of the French Navy’s service in 2008 but remains today as a training ship at its home port in the town of Toulon, France.

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