What is Dukan Diet?

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What is Dukan Diet?
The Dukan diet is a low-calorie and high-protein diet developed by Pierre Dukan, a French doctor who had vast experience helping obese people lose weight. The diet has been popular in France for several years already and is now getting worldwide acceptance.

Dukan diet aims to be a simple approach to dieting minus the calorie counting and obsessions on what food to take. Protein is the most essential element of the diet which has 4 phases for optimal weight loss results.

Phase 1 is called “Attack Phase” and involves eating any lean protein with oats and lots of water for hydration. Protein may come from lean meats of any kind or dairy options like low-fat cheese and yogurts. Eggs and soy-based products may also be used for vegetarians. A 20-minute walk daily is added for this phase. Phase 2 or “Cruise Phase” allows 1-2 servings of starchy foods and another 1-2 meals of your own choice per week. During this phase, days with protein only are alternated with days with protein and vegetables. Oats and lots of water is still part of this phase, along with the walking. Depending on your body fat measurements, this phase may last for several months. Phase 3 is called “Consolidation Phase” which should start once a person reaches his/her target weight. In this phase, fruits may be added on a daily basis along with the protein and vegetable regulars. One serving of carbohydrates may also be introduced once a week along with the one “your-choice-meal” per week also. According to experts, it is in this phase that one submits to the idea of eating high-protein and low-carbohydrate foods for the rest of his/her life. Phase 4 or “Stabilization Phase” is the period where a dieter aims to “maintain” good eating habits to keep one’s weight in check.

The Dukan diet is similar to the previously known “Atkins diet” in the sense that protein is eaten more than its carbohydrate counterpart. The only major difference is the fat in protein is removed in Dukan diets. Many suggest that every person should have their diets monitored by doctors and/or nutrition experts to avoid health issues.

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