What is Duckduckgo?

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What is Duckduckgo?
Duck Duck Go is a search engine that offers innovative search solutions such as zero click info, maximum privacy, customizable settings and less spam. Duck Duck Go retrieves more relevant searched pages, listing results from crowdsourced sites such as Wikipedia, as well as Yahoo search BOSS and its own web crawler, the DuckDuckBot.

Zero click information means that results on Duck Duck Go results can be displayed with the salient points regarding the term that you searched for, eliminating the need for the searcher to click on the link. The search engine also does not collect any personal information and no cookies are used by default. Settings also can be customized, for instance if the searcher wants shopping related results of information only. Spam sites are removed from search lists since Duck Duck Go bans irrelevant sites.

The search engine was founded in February 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, an entrepreneur whose previous ventures include Names Database. DuckDuckGo has approximately 200,000 visitors as of May 2010, with over 2 million queries a month. The name apparently has no meaning, only something that popped into the head of the founder one day.

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