What is DTS?

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What is DTS?
Data Transformation Services (DTS) offers a set of graphical tools and programmable objects that allows users to extract, modify, and combine data form different sources into solitary or various destinations.  These DTS tools can be used to create custom movement procedures provided that they can suffice your organizations or any particular system’s needs. Some applications where DTS tools are used are the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access

DTS offers assistance to the developer by means of:

  1. Building DTS Packages ‘“ The developer can build complex packages and access to wide range of operations in the object model.
  2. Increased DTS Packages ‘“ The developer can add more functions to the DTS package through creating customizing and transforming processed output, making it more suitable for your projects or businesses and also DTS can be reused for further projects.
  3. Execution of DTS Packages ‘“ Tools that performs the DTS packages does not come with in of from the range tools provided by the DTS. However, it is likely to run DTS Packages in classified set of processes and project the progress and results through COM events.  By this, customized DTS execution settings can be allowed to run through all the system.

Data gathered are used for application development purposes and for database and/or server upgrades. DTS packages present other services such as providing details in logging packages executions, transaction controls, and also can be able to manage global variables.
What are the tools that are needed for creating and executing DTS packages?

  • Import/Export Wizard tool is needed to build simple DTS packages. This tool also allows data to be moved into different locations and be transformed into much simpler format.
  • The DTS Designer executes the DTS object model graphically. This means that the DTS designer gives the DTS Package more functionality as it is being created.
  • DTSRun is a command-prompt function that runs existing DTS packages
  • DTSRunUI is just a graphical interface of DTSRun.  This also allows the passing of global variables and the production of protocols.
  • SQLAgent is used by DTS to program package runtime. SQLAgent is not a DTS application but still essential in the DTS Package environment.

After the process of embedding, configuring, arranging graphical interface, and debugging, the DTS package must be saved in order to have its purpose. To save the DTS Package project, there are options available to save it:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server ‘“ Developers may save the DTS package into Microsoft SQL Servers having these features:
  • Developers can save their DTS packages in their own network on any SQL servers.
  • Developers can easily track and keep a close monitoring on the inventory of those packages.
  • Developers can modify the pre-existing DTS Package.
  1. SQL Server 2000 Meta Data Services ‘“ Developers uses this option if they want to have a track on the package account, Meta data, and data lineage information.
  2. Structured Storage File ‘“ Developers have the ability to move and copy the DTS package within the network without disrupting the database.
  3. Microsoft Visual Basic ‘“ DTS Designer created DTS Packages can be incorporated to Visual Basic Programs.

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