What is Driver Whiz?

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What is Driver Whiz?
Driver Whiz is a software designed to help users manage driver-related concerns and errors on their computers. This software is used to update certain drivers for a specific device and correct driver-related errors encountered by users. Normally, people will have to check driver issues on the computer by manually searching for the specific device’s website. This process takes a lot of time and does not guarantee that the driver issue or error will be solved. Sometimes users will have to go through a long process of customer service assistance offered by various companies and still end up with no clear solution.

With Driver Whiz, people won’t have to worry on driver compatibility since the software will automatically update the computer every time a new hardware device is added. And for existing hardware devices connected to the computer, Driver Whiz will also make sure that files are updated to make the device work smoothly and efficiently. In just a few minutes, Driver Whiz will be able to update and install necessary drivers on a particular computer. It also allows for backing up existing drivers on the computer onto a storage device. This is to ensure that users will have copies of previously downloaded driver files. And with the backup copy available, Driver Whiz also makes it easy to re-use or reload the stored driver files in cases where errors are encountered.

Users also don’t have to worry when changing operating systems and platform. Driver Whiz allows for the creation of a migration CD so users will be able to upgrade or downgrade existing systems. It also automatically monitors needed updates for a specific driver on a user’s computer. This translates to optimum function for all programs and devices. Driver Whiz is also very easy to install and use and guarantees that it carries no virus files or malware with it.

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