What is Dot tk (.tk)?

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What is Dot tk (.tk)?
Dot tk (.tk) is an Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Tokelau. Tokelau is a part of New Zealand just along the South Pacific. Dot tk (.tk) domain is the only ccTLD that provides free domain name registrations. It is a free domain registry for all websites in the Internet. Even though this domain is free, this domain is as powerful as other paid domains. This is why there are millions of people using it.

Where do we use Dot tk (.tk) domains?
The actual uses for dot tk (.tk) domains have a wide variety of options and generally, it is related to Tokelau. Although this domain is recommended to be used intentionally for entities connected to Tokelau, some domain owners may use this domain for other means.

.tk domain is considered as a top-level domain (TLD) and is in the same category as .com or .net. However, the only difference is that it is registered to a specific country with a country code. This defines the domain name’s origin.

Tokelau allows any users to register domain names. Allowed users may register a domain name without any charges but mostly have restrictions. Users can have the ability to boost their web traffic by using HTML frames with their email traffic. Users are only allowed with a maximum limit of 250 addresses per login.

What is Tikinet?
Tikinet is a growing network of all current .tk websites. Millions of users visit websites that are .tk domains. By linking all these websites, Tikinet increases the traffic generated to all websites that uses it.

What is Tikilink?
Tikilink is a description of your website; although it is just s short description, this can be very powerful in generating traffic for your website. This description can be clicked and will be directed into another link of .tk websites. This interconnected links helps website owners promote and generate visitors to check on their sites.

How do Tikilink helps?
Having a registered domain name and added with Tikilink, this will increase the visitors that will come to your website.

For example:
Websites advertising jewelry products may acquire visitors from the neighboring website that also advertises jewelry products. If visitors click the Tikilink, all websites that has a jewelry category will be added to the queued list of websites. This will give the users options on where to find the perfect jewelry available at online stores.

This method is only applicable to dot tk (.tk) domains.
To generate more traffic to their websites, more experienced users configures DNS in their domain to point directly to their IP address. URL forwarding is where underlying websites is registered somewhere else. This feature is mostly applicable to paid domains.

For users to be able to change DNS settings, they have two options:

  1. Users can opt the use of dot tk (.tk) DNS service
  2. Users can use external DNS. Users must consult their Internet or Hosting provider when considering this option.

There is a great risk in changing DNS settings. If wrong settings were configured in the DNS, the result will be the unavailability of the domain name in the internet.

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