What is DOORS?

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What is DOORS?
DOORS stands for Department of Labor Online Opportunities Recruitment System and it refers to the online system set up for applicants to several posts in the DOL. DOORS serves as an online recruitment system for either existing DOL employees or other people who want to hold jobs at the DOL. For obvious reasons, this web-based system was developed to improve the previous recruitment procedures involving lots of manual and paper work. With the electronic and online process, processing time and paper use is greatly reduced. The implementation of this system also improved data management in terms of increase ease in looking for details of several applications. With electronic audit trails, data retrieval is faster and easier. Faster data retrieval and faster processing will ultimately result to improved customer service.

Under the DOORS website, job seekers will be able to search for several open jobs at the Department of Labor. With basic and easy site navigation tools, it only takes a few clicks to view the details of a particular job post. With the DOORS website, anybody can also apply for a particular job online. To submit an online application, one must answer several questions specific to the job post applied. Questions are mostly competency-based and formulated specifically to a certain available position. The details that employees are required to give are then analyzed and tabulated by the Human Resource department of DOL to rate, rank, and/or certify applicants. In this way, applicants that are considered highly qualified can easily be checked and forwarded to the specific department or selecting official. Applicants will also be rated based on their qualifications and if they indeed are fit for a particular job post. Another good thing about this online recruitment site is that it gives status updates to applications filed by job seekers. Using the same website, one applicant will know if his/her application is being considered or denied.

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