What is Dojo?

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What is Dojo?
Dojo or Dojo Toolkit is a Javascript library developed by the Dojo Foundation. This “toolkit” is mainly used in the making of dynamic types of web user interfaces and works on any web browser or platform. With its component widgets, Dojo provides interactivity to web browsers and user interfaces. Dojo is also offered as an open-source program so anybody can take advantage of its great features for free.

Dojo’s widget system includes sortable tables and charts, animation capabilities, tooltips and menu tabs, drag-and-drop capabilities on tree widgets, various forms and routines, and even 3D widgets. Its widget system provides a wide array of user interface controls which can be optimized and configured to make applications work more smoothly and efficiently.

In terms of its grid and chart system, Dojo provides many options to visualize them. It also doesn’t matter if these charts and grids involve a vast amount of information. With Dojo, data can easily be edited and or visualized. And with Dojo APIs, common tasks are made even easier for the user involved. These APIs are also powerful enough that one doesn’t have to worry on performance when doing some animation on various elements, manipulating the DOM, or querying by the use of CSS syntax.

Dojo also works on different mobile platforms with HTML5 support. So whether one has an iPhone or an Android phone perhaps, he/she will be able to have Dojo running on the smartphone efficiently. Dojo mobile is also offered free of charge and without any licensing fees involved.

But despite Dojo’s stand-out features as a very powerful Javascript toolkit, there are also negative items pointing to this open-source product. Documentation for this toolkit is considered “poor” and/or ‘very limited’ according to some experts and developers. For some, there isn’t much available documentation on its own website either which makes further development a little difficult. Many also dislike the idea that debugging in Dojo is somewhat impossible.

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