What is “doing the dougie”?

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What is “doing the dougie”?

“Doing the dougie” refers to a dance move or craze in the US, especially in the sports and music world. Doing this dance move means one is cool or fresh, referring to Doug E. Fresh, a famous rapper and beatbox artist of the 80’s who originally made the “dougie” moves.

“Dougie” Fresh became famous for doing the “dougie” back in the 80s. The dance involved leaning from side to side along with the beat of danceable music. Then when one is feeling the beat, he may move his arms up or forward depending on the music rhythm. The signature “dougie” move is then inserted by brushing the hair back and brushing the shoulder off to sort of get “fresh”. The dougie dance had resurgence in today’s generation with the release of the song “Teach Me How To Dougie” in 2010. The hip-hop group behind this song is Cali Swag District and re-popularized “doing the dougie” dance move. The single became a huge hit on music charts and many people are now doing the dougie fresh moves.

The popularity of the dougie dance also infiltrated the sports world. The song and the dougie dance has now become some sort of celebratory anthem in sports. In the NBA for example, John Wall did the dougie dance while warming up before his debut home game with the Washington Wizards. The video clip of this dance landed on YouTube and already had more than a million hits. In the NFL, Braylon Edwards also did the dougie after a touchdown. He was later penalized for doing the dance. “Doing the dougie” has been repeated by many players in many sports events, which made the dance move even more popular.

From the NFL to the NBA, and even to college football, the dougie dance has become a dance craze for sports and music fans. Various YouTube clips of people doing the dougie have generated lots of views and hits. “Doing the dougie” is now more than just being cool and fresh, it has become a statement for celebration especially in sports.
[Image Credit : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Doug_E._Fresh_at_the_5th_Annual_Hip-Hop_Summit_Action_Network%27s_Action_Awards.jpg]

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