What is doge?

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Doge is a misspelled representation for the word “dog” and was popularized by an online picture post of a dog by a Japanese kindergarten teacher back in 2010. In Atsuko Sato’s personal online blog, the picture of a Shiba Inu dog was posted with the label and caption “doge”. This particular picture post eventually became very popular not only in Japan but spread like wildfire over the internet by 2013. Part of its popularity was due to the fact that the Shiba Inu dog in the picture, named “Kabosu” was very cute and was actually a rescued and adopted dog. With its very cute face on the picture and its back-story as an adopted dog, Kabosu’s picture became very popular among netizens. By 2013, the so-called “Doge” word has become an Internet meme and spread to many countries.

The meme in this case is referred to as “Doge” and it represents the picture of Kabosu, the original Shiba Inu dog in the popular photograph. In this particular photograph, Kabosu was looking at the camera with a seemingly human emotion by virtue of its raised eyebrow. With so many people able to view this original “Doge” picture, many people with Shiba Inu dogs also posted a similar picture on the internet via their personal blogs or other picture sharing websites like Tumblr. As many people posted their dog’s picture with the caption “Doge”, this particular term has eventually gained meme status wherein it was popular enough over the internet that many people copied it and displayed a similar picture with their own dogs and posted it with the misspelled “Doge” term.

By 2013, various pictures and even videos of dogs were posted online with the “Doge” caption making this term even more popular. At the start, only Shiba Inu dogs were featured with the “Doge” terms or phrases. As the Doge meme grew in popularity, people have used other dog breeds and used the same “Doge” caption or phrase in the posted pictures.

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