What is DNIS: An Organization Aimed At Helping the Disabled

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DNIS: An Organization Aimed At Helping the Disabled
Even if India has a very huge population, not all the people here can function in their day-to-day life normally. Just like any other countries, they also have people within their more than a billion of population that can be considered disabled. They actually comprise 6% of India’s entire population, which is quite alarming. This fact eventually led to the formation of the DNIS or the Disability News and Information Service.

The main goal of DNIS is to provide the best possible information regarding disability to those people who need them the most. This will also provide reinforcement or any appropriate action in order to help them. Of course, the effect of this main goal will eventually translate to a more useful citizenry who will help India soon. Instead of becoming a burden, they will now take part in India’s nation builders.

DNIS believe that with the right information, these disabled people will definitely learn a lot. They are not totally disabled, but are just differently able. With the right training and knowledge, for sure, they will be able to harness their innermost skills and potentials and become a useful citizen. This is what DNIS is really striving for. They believe that these people must not be in any way a burden, but a big influence in creating change for the entire India. Since DNIS is basically news service, it is therefore very essential in order to provide the right knowledge to this specific sector.

It is also the goal of DNIS to empower this sector so that they will be more aware of their rights as well as their responsibility in nation building. They must not be deprived of the rights in which normal people really enjoy such as in health, education, and many others.

However, DNIS does not only push for the rights of the disabled by means of giving news services. In fact, they also constantly work with the government, specifically the lawmakers in order to provide for the advancement of the disabled people’s rights. They also work with NGO’, medias, engineers, and other civic groups who can also help them achieve their goal towards the benefit of the disabled sector. They wanted not only to bring news to the disabled people, but to make them the center of news for others. They wanted other people to realize that these disabled people also exist and they need help. They know that with cooperation of the entire Indian nation, their goals will really be met.

This time, it is no longer about what DNIS can get from helping. It is already about self- fulfillment and personal satisfaction. They are more concerned about what they do to help other people and not really on earning a lot for the group. Though they also need to raise funds to sustain the operational expenses, they are more or less centered on giving services rather than on what they can get in return.

Indeed, DNIS is just a proof that no matter how serious the problem of a particular sector is, if they can only get the right attention and immediate help, they will have the answers right away. This is the power of consolidated efforts at its best.

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