What is DMZ?

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DMZ refers to a “demilitarized zone” in the field of computers. For computer networks and servers that have external links to other computers, a DMZ or subnetwork may be created mainly for security purposes. The DMZ or subnetwork basically acts like a buffer between a private network and the external community of computers. If there is no buffer or “demilitarized zone” in between, a security breach or concern may happen making classified and confidential files vulnerable for hacking on the private network. Aside from putting up a firewall and other anti-intrusion configurations, setting up a DMZ subnetwork is an effective way to protect data in a private network.

Many companies have their own security implementations for their private network but with constant external links via the internet, security is very much an issue in terms of private files. By putting up a subnetwork in the form of DMZ, the public internet will be interacting with the private network via the DMZ rather than direct with the private network servers. In this way, a security threat can easily be thwarted without having to worry about breaching private data and information. Many companies for example offer email and internet services for its employees. The only way for companies to operate efficiently is to allow these employees to have access to the external and public internet. This connection must also be made secure through firewalls for example. Setting up a DMZ or subnetwork keeps the private network even more secure because it literally provides a buffer zone between what is public and what is private. There are also specific restrictions on how the DMZ subnetwork communicates between the public internet and the private servers. Only allowed functions and features are able to pass through if a DMZ subnetwork is created and implemented. In the event of a security attack to the network, the external system will only be able to reach DMZ rather than the actual private host or network.

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