What is DMT?

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DMT stands for Dimethyltryptamine and it is a substance that is known to be a very potent psychedelic drug. Being psychedelic, DMT is famous for providing a very intense level of hallucinations. Classified as very potent psychoactive substance, ingesting DMT is said to overpower one’s brain or thinking in terms of cognition and perception. People who take this drug are said to be transported to a dream-like state or like in a trance where everything normal is not normal any more. With DMT in the body, people will experience various hallucinations and will have a distorted view of the world.

Dimethyltryptamine is part of the tryptamine family of drugs which are known to be banned in various parts of the world. The use, abuse, sale, and even the mere possession of this substance or drug is prohibited in most countries around the world because of its potent effect on the brain. People are said to be in near-death experiences when taking this drug because of its very potent action on the brain. Many recreational users have also abused this particular substance because of its hallucinogenic effect. Users of this drug have described their experience as that of being in the so-called spirit world. Being widely detached from reality, people under the influence of DMT have reported encounters with aliens and spirits that are supposedly exist beyond the real world.

Aside from its banned recreational use, DMTs were said to have been used by the indigenous cultures of the past for medicinal and prayer purposes. The tryptamine content of DMT is said to be beneficial in terms of analgesia and healing. Those who wished to have deep meditation were also said to use DMT and related substances. Chemically, DMT is formed from the original substance called tryptophan. From this substance, it can then be converted to tryptamine and by means of the transmethylation process, DMT will be formed.

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