What is DMR in Cognos?

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What is DMR in Cognos?

DMR is a modelling technique from Cognos.  DMR stands for Dimensionally Modelled Relational and Cognos refers to the developer of various software involving business intelligence.  Cognos is also considered a big name in the field of business intelligence providing various tools for large companies and enterprises.  Now under the IBM group, Cognos is considered one of the largest suppliers of business intelligence software and tools to the entire globe.

With the ever-increasing requirements of large enterprises and organizations, Cognos offers the DMR modelling concept to help these organizations have a robust and efficient tracking solution of various aspects of a particular business including profitability portfolios, analysis of expenditures, and review of anomalies and frauds within the business.

DMR involves the presentation of relational data sources using OLAP or Online Analytical Processing cubes hence DMR being closely associated with the latter.  Through OLAP, various queries into the system are transformed into the specific SQL along with the roll-ups and drill-downs. From the perspective of computer experts and administrators, using DMR’s dimensions and measures is quite simple to understand and apply.  This resulted to continued increase in popularity of this modelling technique.  But despite DMR’s good features, there are still people who are not satisfied with it.  Some people argue that DMR provides no organization and/or sorting of dimension elements.  This particular flaw annoys many people because they have to resort to some form of manual sorting techniques with the tendency of leaving out some data for exclusion.

There are also people who complain about the non-existent documentation of DMR.  Others also argue that search options are only available at the current level which makes it difficult for reviewers to look for data at the bottom level.  But despite these setbacks, many organizations still use the DMR modelling technique to help them with analysis and monitoring of essential business systems.

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