What is DMG file?

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What is DMG file?
Most computer users, especially those who use Apple computers may already encountered a DMG file. What is this DMG file? Apple Inc., a computer company, created this DMG file. DMG file is intended for users dealing with Mac operating system. DMG is a disc image file. To have a clearer picture of DMG, take for example a CD of a DVD. Imagine the content being compressed into a single file. That single file can be burned or copied into a CD or DVD. The good thing about burning is that there are many burning tool available for free in the internet.

Disc image file acts like a virtual storage device. Unlike CDs, DVDs and other physical file storages like hard disk drives and flash drives, DMG exists virtually. In other words, it is an intangible piece of file storage. It may be a little confusing but this intangible storage device actually stores file.

Opening a disc image is not difficult and it is as easy as clicking your mouse. Simply double click the DMG file icon. The action will automatically mount the disc image file as a new storage volume. It will appear on your computer’s desktop, usually featuring a hard drive icon. To explore the new volume’s content; you simply double click the icon. A finder window will open and it will show you the disc image’s contents. Copying the files inside the disc image is as easy as dragging and dropping them to another folder or any location in the computer the user may wish to put it.

As mentioned earlier, the disc image file acts similarly to a physical storage volume. After using it, you may eject or unmount it. Ejecting the disc image file will mean deleting it from your system. There are few simple ways to eject DMG files. The easiest way is to right-click on the DMG file icon and click eject. Another way is to click the DMG file icon once and press CMD+E or simply click and drag the file into your trash can.

The coolest thing about a DMG file is that you need not install anything in your computer. Users are also not intended to process any application from the DMG file. Using a DMG file does not require a user to install anything. As you copy the files from the DMG, then the user is ready to go – no installation required. Moreover, DMG files can also be copied by burning it in a CD or DVD.

In addition, since a DMG file is a compressed file, it means that it only eats little space on a storage volume. Files from a CD or DVD are compressed into a single DMG file will result to a smaller file size but contains the same physical information. Furthermore, a DMG file can be protected by setting up a password. This prevents unauthorized use of such file and it is now safe to share programs over the internet.

DMG files are intended exclusively for Apple computers. However, Windows users may also use DMG files with the help of Windows-compatible programs such as UltraISO, ISOBuster, and PowerISO. For Linux users, a cdrecord program may be utilized so DMG files can be managed.

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