What is DMD?

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There is no argument over the fact that among the genetic disorder s which are diagnosed among the children, Duchenne muscular atrophy is probably the most fatal one. According to a recent report, one live male born among every 3500 has been estimated to suffer from Duchenne muscular atrophy. It is indispensable to mention here that since Duchenne muscular atrophy has its gene on the X chromosome, it explicitly implies that the male population of the children is going to be far more impacted by the calamity than the female ones. The cultures as well as races however, are not going to determine the victims in any way.


As the name suggests, Duchenne muscular atrophy is a type of genetic disorder that is caused by a peculiar mutation at a particular part of an X chromosome that encodes for a protein called dystrophin. Since this protein plays its vital role in the muscular strength, victims of Duchenne have remarkably lower muscular strength than a normal or even a weak individual. Since dystrophin is lacking, the muscular damage gets uncontrollable leading to a wide range of medical conditions with heart and lungs problems topping the list. According to another estimate, a victim of Duchene muscular atrophy lives an average life of twenties.

As mentioned above, since the gene encoding for Dystrophin is located on the X chromosome, the disorder can conveniently pass on the newer progenies. However, more than 30% of the cases of Duchenne have been reported due to peculiar but spontaneous mutations in a life cycle of a patient himself. To put it simply, Duchenne muscular atrophy is a genetic disorder that can be diagnosed in pretty much anyone. It is imperative to mention at the end that while the rate of progression of the disorder can be reduced remarkably with the help of advanced treatments, there however, still isn’t a proper cure for Duchenne muscular atrophy.

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