What is DLP Digital Projection?

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What is DLP Digital Projection?

DLP or Digital Light Processing is a digital projection technology developed by a company named Texas Instruments. The basic concept that revolves around this technology relies on the DLP chip created by Mr. Larry Hornbeck back in 1987. This chip serves as the light switch and interacts with digital and/or graphic signals thereby producing high-quality video and graphical images. It is for this reason that digital projectors built with DLP technology are now widely used and preferred in terms of digital cinema projection. But aside from digital movies, DLP technology is also applicable to some digital television sets and video or image projection devices.

In the television arena, DLP technology is applied on the latest TV sets that involve rear-projection features. Televisions in the past involved CRT or cathode-ray tube technology and have since been replaced with digital versions including DLP technology, LCD technology, and plasma TV technology. In the field of theaters and cinemas on the other hand, many new movie houses of today are equipped with movie projectors based on the DLP technology because of its many advantages. One great advancement in using DLP-based screen projectors is on the image quality itself. With the DLP chips, the distance between pixels in a particular image or video is minimized resulting to sharper and clearer images. Another good feature is the great color offered by DLP technology. Images and scenes become real or life-like with very vivid colors and hues. The response time of the DLP chip is also very fast making it a great choice of technology when watching scenes or videos that are fast-moving.

Aside from television sets and movie screens, DLP technology is also widely used today in the design and development of projection devices and even mobile phones. With micro-projection technology, the basics of DLP can be applied to smaller devices like mobile gadgets and phones.

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