What is DLNA on Droid X?

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Droid X is one many mobile phones from the Motorola brand.  It features a big screen that measures 4.3 inches and is able to display high-resolution images and high-definition videos.  It is also packed with hardware that is designed for a great multimedia experience.  Droid X is marketed towards people who want a slim design but with good features in terms of handling images, data, and gaming applications.  Droid X is also one of many devices that are DLNA certified.  This simply means that Droid X is part of the global network of electronic products that allows for interaction and inter-connection between products. ‘DLNA’ stands for ‘Digital Living Network Alliance’ and all certified electronic products contained therein are sold containing its logo.  With the Droid X, the DLNA logo or certification implies that this particular mobile phone will be able to work and share digital media with other certified devices or electronic products.  These products include the gaming consoles by other companies like Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s XBox.

Through the DLNA feature in Droid X, one may share his/her photos and video files with other DLNA-capable devices like one’s television set or computer, for example.  Sharing in this particular sense means that one may play a video on his/her Droid X and have it streamed to a bigger screen like the DLNA-capable or compatible TV. So instead of having to make do with the smaller screen on the Droid X, a person can enjoy watching movies on a bigger screen through the DLNA feature.  The same DLNA compatibility also allows the Droid X to act as the remote controller of the DLNA-capable TV set.  The DLNA feature in Droid X also allows a person to send music or MP3 files from the phone to a compatible laptop.  With this file transfer feature, the sharing of music files is made easier and more convenient.

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