What is dlkmd.sys?

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‘Dlkmd.sys’ refers to a driver file that is part of the DisplayLink Core Software suite.  Many people encounter this file when their computer experiences an error or problem, and the error may point to this particular file.  It is also common for people to see ‘dlkmd.sys’ when viewing the running processes in the computer through the Task Manager.  As a driver file, dlkmd.sys has a Symantec digital signature and is part of the company’s time stamping server signer. When the properties of this driver filed are checked, dlkmd.sys often displays “DisplayLink WDDM KMD” as its description.

According to computer experts, there may be various variants of dlkmd.sys in one’s computers. Some people’s computers even have up to 50 variations of this file all pointing to the DisplayLink Core Software suite.  This software suite basically helps various applications and programs in terms of projection efficiency and display capabilities.  In the case of projectors, the specific variant of dlkmd.sys helps the process of projecting image files and graphics a lot easier and faster.  In other devices, such as computer tablets for example, the dlkmd.sys driver makes the device’s screen as the secondary monitor next to the actual PC monitor.

With its many variations that may be found in people’s computers and servers, some have suspected that dlkmd.sys may actually be a virus or spyware.  People often panic seeing this file running in the background eating up some computer resources.  Most experts believe, though, that the dlkmd.sys driver file is safe and does not pose any threat to one’s computer files.  It may be running in the background but is not resource-intensive to contribute to application failure. For people who are not comfortable having the file running, the best way is to consult with experts before removing or deleting the file from one’s computer.  This is to ensure that no system files are deleted in the process.

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