What is DLF in India?

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DLF or Delhi Land and Finance is India’s biggest real estate developer.  Officially known as DLF Limited, this company is mainly involved in developing residential complexes, commercial buildings, and retail spaces across India. For businesses and individuals who wish to get assistance from land acquisition concerns to development proper, DLF Limited is one of the most popular and trusted names in India in the real estate industry.  Aside from it primary real estate business, DLF has also ventured into other businesses and industries including life insurance, power generation, maintenance services, and leisure-related services.  With a wide array of products and services, Delhi Land and Finance of India has grown to become the largest in its field today.

Founded back in 1946 by Raghuvendra Singh, DLF started with residential real estate development across New Delhi, India’s largest city.  One residential community expanded to multiple complexes spread across the city which made the company grow bigger and bigger. By the late 1960s up to the 1970s, DLF grew even bigger and expended with more land acquisitions in different parts of India.  All these happened despite the Delhi Development Act of 1957 which imposed that the local government of India shall take control or housing and building developments in the Delhi area.  At this time, private organizations such as DLF were restricted in terms of doing real estate business in New Delhi.  With this limitation, DLF expanded to adjacent states and continued the development of nearby states.   From the district of Gurgaon for example, DLF spearheaded its development through the establishment of special economic zones and building of hotels and other infrastructure.

At present, DLF boasts of being the largest in the real estate industry.  Its retail space across different parts of India totals to more than 1000 square feet.  All these space are already leased.  Its residential or home development business has also grown bigger over the years catering to three different segments including Premium, Luxury, and Super Luxury customers.  These customers were also treated with a variety of home offerings from houses, condominiums, and apartment complexes.

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