What is Diwali?

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What is Diwali?
The countries Nepal and India celebrate a festival known as Diwali. Hindus consider Diwali as a sacred celebration. However, other religions in India celebrate the same festival. Communities composed of Hindu, Jainist and Sikh from all around the globe celebrate Diwali. Such communities celebrate a mini festival of their own. There is no particular day of celebrating the festival since it is based on the Lunar calendar of Hindu. Generally, the festival is commemorated in the season of fall. India celebrates the festival and everyone participate even those who are not religious. The celebration is considered as one of the most important events in India.

Diwali refers to ‘festival of the lights’ and Indians mark the day as good triumphs over the evil. Personalities considered as heroes in the mythology of India are commemorated by forming a row of lights. Such heroic figures are well-known heroes of India who fought evil forces. During the festivities, people clean up their homes. They believe that opening the doors and windows of their homes will bring good fortune or luck. Exchange of gifts is also a part of the tradition of Diwali. Moreover, various people host dinners and parties during the celebration.

On the other hand, small groups from around the world celebrating Diwali have developed their own distinct ways of celebrating the festival. Diwali is typically celebrated for five days. Each day represents a distinctive aspect of the light festival. Fireworks and massive public festivities are usually celebrated but celebrators choose a particular day in the 5-day festival.

Diwali is associated with various myths and legendary stories. Such legends or myths commonly pertain to the vanquishing of evil spirits and demons. Some stories refer to the clemency and granting of freedom to the people who were unjustly repressed. Diwali also represents the celebration of enlightenment and religious rise. During the days of celebration Hindus take the festivities as an opportunity to honor Hindu gods. Specifically, the Hindu gods who were given tribute are the god of wealth, Lakshima and the god of new or fortunate beginnings, Ganesha. Moreover, people exchange special greetings which are used to express communal yearning for fortune or good luck in the coming year.

Tourists visiting India during the Diwali celebration all have the same reaction, which is astonishment. For those visiting India it is the time or opportunity to learn more about the Indian culture. Moreover, tourists will also have the chance to learn first-hand the rich history of the country. Various people of India are always ready to share their rich and colorful cultural traditions. Moreover, curious and well-mannered tourists who want to learn about the Indian religions are all entertained well with hospitality. Diwali, although all about the celebration of serious religious and cultural traditions, it is still a great opportunity to have fun. Celebrators have the chance to witness great fireworks, colorful and entertaining performances, appetizing dinners, and other related events that will make the tour for every tourist a remarkable one. Since Diwali is also celebrated by other Indians around the world, people may also witness the celebration on a smaller scale. However, their small festivities will also help demonstrate the true spirit of Diwali.

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