What is Diwali festival in India?

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India’s Diwali or “Deepavali” festival is known as the festival of lights. For most Hindus, Diwali is considered the most popular and most colorful festival in the Indian calendar. It is usually celebrated around mid-October to mid-November depending on when the darkest new moon happens based on the Hindu Lunisolar calendar. The festival is celebrated across Indian and in many Indian communities across the globe for about a week, but the main event is centered on the so-called darkest new moon night where the lights bring color to the feast. Diwali is celebrated among Hindus as it represents the victory of light over darkness. Most people celebrate Diwali festival with a thought of positivity and hope because the light festival is also celebrated with the thought of good things overcoming evil things and having hope in the midst of problems and despair.

The Diwali festival brings excitement to Indians with many of them cleaning up and decorating their homes with bright lights and colorful arts and pieces. People also often dress up in their newest and brightest clothes during the actual night of celebration. It is also common for Indian families to exchange gifts or give out sweets and candies to children during the Deepavali or Diwali festival. Many homes and businesses also celebrate Diwali festival with a dinner feast or buffet to celebrate joyfulness in people’s lives. Being a famous festival of lights, it is also tradition among Indian families to light at least one oil lamp in their homes. Some people also light various oil lamps and put them in various places in their homes including the front porches, gardens, and even the rooftops. Indian communities are also adorned with bright and colorful street lights during the festival. It is also common for a fireworks display to culminate the festivities on the most anticipated Diwali festival night.

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