What is Ditto?

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What is Ditto?
Ditto is a software that serves as an extension and/or replacement to the standard Windows clipboard. As a clipboard manager, it allows network support wherein users can copy items that are stored or saved on the clipboard and send these same items to other users connected to the same network. In fact, Ditto also allows synchronization of items between different users on a particular network.

What differentiates Ditto from the standard Windows clipboard is that it can accommodate saving all the items that are being copied. And these same items can easily be retrieved at a later time. The standard Windows clipboard meanwhile only allows for saving one item at a time. Ditto does the item-saving through the use of an Access database. This database is also searchable to help users locate and retrieve information that is previously saved. And to save disk space, one may also compact the database with Ditto. Not to mention that this particular database can be saved virtually anywhere on the computer terminal.

Ditto clipboard manager also features a very user-friendly interface making it a popular choice for many users. Users also do not have to worry on file security and safety as data is encrypted as it passes through the computer network. Access to data and items on the Ditto clipboard is also made easy through a tray icon or by designating a global hotkey. The Ditto clipboard also allows for dragging and dropping of items. And to further ease the process of identifying items on the clipboard, Ditto features thumbnail display of non-text data and files. A search box is also provided to easily locate clips and files. And to help users organize various clips, one can arrange clips into Group folders. Ditto also has full Unicode support enabling the display of foreign symbols and characters.

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