What is Ditalini Pasta?

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What is Ditalini Pasta?
Ditalini is a type of pasta shaped like small tubes. Usually the width and height is the same for every piece of ditalini pasta. It is the small version of “ditali” pasta and its name means “little thimbles” in Italian. This refers to the fingers which can be put through the holes on the pasta tubes. Classicaly, this type is pasta is used for bean soups and pasta with beans (pasta e fagioli). Ditalini pasta is available in smooth tubular versions or with some “rigatti” or ridges.

Pasta is at the heart of every Italian meal, and hundreds of types with various shapes and sizes were already made to cater to the whims of pasta lovers not only in Italy, but also in almost any part of the world. The first pasta shapes that came out of Italy were lasagna, vermicelli, linguini, and ravioli. These were commonly put in soups and broths. Ditali and ditalini shapes came later, but were also used mostly in soups.

Ditalini pasta, just like many other types of pasta, is made from a variety of ingredients. Some are made with semolina flour, which is more yellowish when compared with all purpose flours. This type of pasta is called Semolina Pasta and it comes from Durum wheat. Others meanwhile use whole wheat to create their pasta. The process involves milling the wheat with their hulls resulting to a darker color and higher protein content. There are also pastas which only use egg yolk in making it. These are called “egg pasta or noodles”. This type is said to be ideal for soup recipes. In many parts of asia, pasta made from rice is also made. The health conscious also have the organic type of pasta, wherein preservatives are not part in the process of making it.

Ditalini pasta today is mainly used in soups or mixed with beans. Due to its size and tubular shapes, many people like its texture and the kids love it too.

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