What is Discharge?

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What is Discharge?

Depending on the subject at hand, the term discharge will have several different meanings. This does not have to be in a technical communication but even while having regular conversation, the term discharge will have a wide range of meanings. Mostly the term discharge is used to imply some form of going out which is further specified by the context in which the word is used. We shall look at some of the more frequently usages of the word discharge as per their application.

Discharge is often used to indicate the flow of fluid. When a fluid is held in some form of container that has an opening through which it the fluid can flow out, the opening of this point causes the fluid to be discharged from where it is contained. This basically means that the fluid has been released from its container. The discharge of the fluid may be as a result of intended action or even accidental discharge.

Discharge is also used to indicate the carrying out of duties. Officials are said to discharge their duties when they are involved in their work. This is especially applied when the conversation is in a legal environment and there is reference of an official doing or failing to do their work. This is rarely used in casual conversations and is also minimal even in formal settings.
When an official’s employment is terminated or comes to an end they are often said to be discharged from duty. Upon discharge, the official is no longer obligated to perform the duties of the office previously held though they remain liable for actions that they did while in office. This is often used in military as well as the public sector. It is rarely applied when someone working in the private sector is no longer employed.

The term discharge is also used in the medical profession. Here is has two common applications. The first is where there is reference to the process through which the body expels certain substances. Often this is in reference to substances that are formed due to compromised health. The discharge could be through the natural body orifices or through other openings that form due to the condition being experienced. The discharge could also be internal or external again depending on the particular condition and how it has affected the individual. The second medical application of the term discharge is where it relates to the release of a patient from a medical institution. Once doctors are satisfied that the patient can completely recover without necessarily requiring the close monitoring and care offered in the hospital, a patient is discharged from the hospital.

There are a good number of other meanings for the word discharge. Some of these include the release of electrical charge, unloading cargo, a sudden release of energy and several others. Most of these however deal with some sort of release. Discharge is therefore on of the terms that has quite a good number of meanings that regularly used in daily communication.

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