What is dirt made of?

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Dirt can be found in many places like the road, in a person’s backyard, and some of it may also be found inside people’s homes. Dirt is actually composed of various matter including bits and pieces of rock, sand, dried leaves and flowers, decayed animals, and other organic and inorganic stuff. Many people also refer to dirt as ground soil itself. When thinking about soil, various types of matter are also part of it components.

The basic components of dirt are powdered bits and pieces of rocks. Rocks that are broken down into pieces basically became the soil that many people know of as dirt. Over several years, bits and pieces of rock will accumulate on the ground and creates a soil bed. When people examine the soil outside their homes for example, some may notice that there are some bits of rocks and pebbles included in the soil. Some are actual small pebbles while others are remnants or the remains of crushed rock. With rock as the main component, dirt is also rich in various chemicals and minerals. Depending on people’s location, dirt may also be mixed with sand. In areas where there is thick vegetation, dirt will also have dried leaf components along with remnants of dead animals like insects for example.

Dirt may be an unwanted when it comes to the inside parts of people’s homes or buildings because it can be messy. Some dirt may also be foul-smelling depending on its components. Many people also do not like dirt when it comes in contact with clothing because it can cause stains. The rock and sand components for example will cause discoloration in light-colored clothes. When there are other components like leaves and flowers, it may also cause permanent stains. People also have concerns regarding the presence of microorganisms in dirt or soil. When these microorganisms in dirt come in contact with human bodies through the skin for example, illness may result.

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