What is DirectTV?

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What is DirectTV?
DirectTV is an internet service provided by the satellite company DirectTV. The service is an additional to the satellite company’s regular satellite TV service. DirectTV Internet is offered in either through a partnership with a third party company or directly through satellite dish. Only one from the two options must be chosen by an interested client. The satellite company has a goal to bring their business to a more competitive edge.
Competition within the cable business is stiff. DirectTV thought of responding to this competition in a more unique way. DirectTV Internet is used by the company to battle the various package deals offered by numerous cable TV companies. The old strategy is a company holds only a single service. However, since the competition becomes very stiff, companies become more creative.

Satellite companies are a bit disadvantaged compared to local cable companies. This is due to the readily available infrastructures of local cable companies. With those cable lines ready, offering other services aside from cable television can be offered. Local cable companies can offer bundled service, which include television, internet and phone at a very low price. However, phone service is not that popular anymore as the cellular services are replacing the telephone lines.

The concept of the Internet TV is not new anymore. However, the service is extremely expensive in the past. DirectTV Company solved this problem by establishing partnerships with local telephone companies. The concept is to offer the consumers both Internet and satellite service at a lower cost. There will only be a single bill for both services. By offering DirectTV Internet, the company is giving consumers another option.

The biggest problem when offering the satellite TV services is the cost. The service cost is the biggest disadvantage encountered by DirectTV. However, as technology becomes cheaper, the company has managed to lower its service cost. The concept of the DirectTV Company in offering the DirectTV Internet has also another drawback. There are other locations where the company could not establish partnership with some DSL companies.

Since satellite has no problem with location installation, it was their solution for such locations where they could not be able to partner with third party companies. Satellite service has been cheaper these days and is able to highly compete against DSL services. Satellite service can now compete with the pricing packages offered by DSL companies.

What makes the DirectTV Internet satellite more appealing than its competition is the speed. DirectTV proudly claims that their Internet service is 30 times faster than dial up Internet connection. With the speed, the company explains that can conveniently download and upload large files. Moreover, subscriber can watch videos and utilize applications requiring high bandwidth. Most of all, they assure a connection that is always on.

In order to get the most of their services, they offer clients of certain discounts if both Internet and satellite services are chosen. It seems that the strategy of DirectTV Company paid off. As of now, the company had approximately 20 million subscribers and still growing.

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