What is Dill Weed?

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Dill WeedWhat is Dill Weed?
Dill is known to have originated from Eastern Europe. Dill, with the scientific name, Anethum graveolens is an herb with many uses. Actually, dill weed is grown all around the planet and is often seen in kitchens to be used as spice. It was known that in Greece, people use this aromatic herb to help them fall asleep by putting it over their eyes. In Egypt, dill weed is known for relieving any pain. And in the occult, witchcraft to be exact, dill weed is burned to prevent thunder and to calm a storm.

Because of the importance of dill weed people learned to cultivate it. To grow this aromatic herb, it must be planted during hot summers. The location must also be reached by enough sunlight. Actually, enough sunlight is not enough for the dill weed but it needs high sunlight levels in order to grow well. Failing to pick the right location will substantially reduce the harvest.

When it comes to soil characteristics, it is important that dill weeds be planted on rich and well-drained soil. The seed of the dill is estimated to last for about 3 to 10 years and will still be able germinate to be used for planting when the right season comes. To harvest the weed, the flower heads are cut off the stalk. This is done when the seed began to ripe. The seed needs to be placed in a warm and dry place in a span of two weeks. When the seed separates from the stem, it is ready for storage. The container must be air-tight so that the seed would last for years.

Dill weed is also good to plant along with other plants. This is called companion planting. Dill weed is known to attract insects that can be very beneficial to its seeding. Moreover, dill weed is also known to be a good companion plant to cucumbers but are not good for tomatoes and carrots.

Different cultures have different ways in using the dill weed. Below are some of the useful benefits of this aromatic herb:

  • Dill weed are used as herb in Baltic, in Central Asia and in Russia
  • It (dill weed leaf) is also used in adding flavor to foods such as cured salmon, soups, pickles, borscht, and many others due to its aromatic properties. It is always recommended to use dill leaves fresh. Dried dill leaves is said to have less flavor. To preserve the leaf, freeze-drying method is suggested so the leaves can still keep its aromatic properties for months.
  • Oil can be extracted from the dill’s leaves, stem and seeds. The oil extracted can be used to cure abdominal pains or stomach cramps.
  • Arabs use dill seed to spice their fattosh and as well as pickles.
  • Thais and Vietnamese use dill as an herb for their fish steamed in banana leaf. Dill is also mixed with other curries cooked with coconut milk along with prawns and fish.
  • In Iran, dill is used and cooked with rice
  • In India, dill is given to mothers immediately after giving birth
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