What is Dijon-style mustard?

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What is Dijon-style mustard?

Dijon-style mustard refers to a type of mustard recipe that makes use of “verjuice” rather than generic vinegar or white wine with salt.  Standard mustard preparations involve grounding mustard seeds and mixing them with a salty liquid like vinegar. Dijon-style meanwhile uses “verjuice” to add the savory and salty taste to the mustard seeds and this is sourced from the juice of unripe grapes.  Dijon-style mustard is said to be less salty and creamier than standard mustard preparation.  The mixture is also thicker and smoother making it more palatable and preferred by some people.

Dijon-style mustard was said to be the creation of a French man named Jean Naigeon back in 1856.  It was said that this man lived in a town called Dijon which also explains the name of his mustard recipe.  The juice from unripe grapes was the ingredient that made standard mustard into Dijon-style and since then this particular recipe has become popular in many parts of the world.  Whenever mustard is made from the so-called “verjuice” rather than from vinegar or basic white wine with spices and salt, the recipe is referred to as Dijon-style.

Typical Dijon-style mustard preparations involve using only the brown and black mustard seed varieties.  Standard mustard recipes use yellow seeds or a mixture of any type of mustard seed.  There are also no color additives involved in the process making this particular mustard recipe a preferred choice for people who want everything natural and organic.  Dijon-style mustard is also said to be more ideal for cooking because of its thicker consistency and fuller flavor provided by brown and black mustard seeds.  The taste of yellow mustard seeds used in standard mustard can easily break down at high temperatures but the more pungent flavor of dark seeds used in Dijon mustards are able to stay in the food and provide a smooth flavor to the palate.

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