What is Dijon Mustard?

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Dijon mustard is a type of mustard that is made from a different recipe.  Standard mustard is the condiment that most people are familiar with having its yellow color.  Dijon mustard, meanwhile, is prepared similarly to standard mustard, but the ingredients are more refined.  Dijon mustard prepared the traditional way uses brown mustard seeds with white wine or ‘verjuice’ instead of vinegar.  Verjuice is sourced from a special variety of grapes that are unripe.  This liquid gives Dijon mustard its distinct sour and salty taste.

Basically, the white wine and verjuice are what makes standard mustard into Dijon mustard.  Instead of simply using vinegar to mix in along with mustard seeds, the wine and verjuice will result in a different mustard taste.  Dijon mustards are usually pale yellow in terms of color and tangier in flavor.  It is also typical for Dijon mustard recipes to only include the brown and black varieties of mustard seeds.  Generic mustard uses basically all types of mustard seeds to make the condiment.  This is also the reason why many people call their version of mustard Dijon mustard when they used only the black or brown variety of mustard seeds.

The term ‘Dijon mustard’ is also associated with a town in France called Dijon.  It was said that a Frenchman by the name of Jean Naigeon created in 1856 the mustard version that we know today as Dijon mustard.  From then on, the special recipe for Dijon mustard is also linked to this particular town in France.  But when the food experts are asked, Dijon mustard is more about the recipe rather than the place of origin for this particular condiment.  For mustards that are made similar to the traditional way of using brown and black mustard seeds along with other spices and mixed with white wine and verjuice, they can be called and classified as Dijon-based or simply Dijon mustards.

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