What is Digital Media? – Its Importance

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What is Digital Media? ‘“ Its Importance

Digital media is the opposite of analog media, which are actually electronic media that runs on digital codes. Computers interpret binary digital data and that means it can only read ‘0’ and ‘1’. Digital media can be anything like digital audio, digital video and other digital content such as an electronic book or e-book.

Digital media is often heard in both radio and television commercials. However, most people do not realize how digital media can give benefits to businesses. Moreover, most people do not realize its importance in the marketing sector. In business, one has to be quick and be first in distributing its products or services. Speed is the key and digital media carry that key.

The most important characteristic of digital media is that it can be easily accessed in several and at the same time convenient ways. With the use of modern handheld devices such as mobile phones, laptops, mp3 and mp4 players etc., one can easily access digital media. Moreover, connecting to such devices is as easy as inserting a plug into its socket.

As mentioned earlier, digital media are electronic media and this is the reason why internet is considered as an over flowing source of digital media. Electronic media may go into many forms. Text, pictures, videos and audio files are the best examples of media that can be digitized.

Text files may be in the form of Microsoft word document or some other electronic document file. Images or pictures can also be digitized in the form of .jpeg files or.bmp files. Videos can also be made digital in many forms or types video formats such as the mp4. In addition, when it comes to audio files, the mp3 and wma files are two of the most popular.

Many businesses today took advantage of the digital media. To make the most out of digital media, the internet has been a great tool in marketing certain products and services of a business. Online business went boom and the most sought after products in the internet are digital products.

Everything from images, audio, video and text had been turned into digital products and they sold like hotcakes in the internet. The advantage of digital products is that a business does not have to maintain inventories. Digital media can be delivered without the transportation cost since it can be downloaded instantly from the internet.

Moreover, digital media are not difficult to replicate although media copyrights forbids one from copying and disseminating copyrighted products. Today, digital books or most commonly known as e-books are the best selling digital products in the internet. It is because people are always looking for information and that is why e-books can make such great products.

Digital media is also great for personal use. Printed pictures can be scanned and be transformed into digital image. These digital images can be shared with friends without having them take your copy. Today, images are not the only digital media being shared in the internet. MP3s, videos and documents in digital forms are being shared and transferred either through the internet or other handheld devices.

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