What is Diet?

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What is Diet?
Most people do not normally think about the importance of nutrition until they encounter health problems. When this happens, the next step is to visit a doctor who is very likely to recommend that a nutritionist is involved in helping address the issue. The nutritionist will begin by looking at your current diet and decide on a diet that you should work with or they may even ask you to diet depending on your condition. That may sound confusing at first but once you understand what diet is with all its different meanings, things will become a lot clearer.

The first definition of the term diet is the collection of food consumed by a living organism. This will take various forms and is usually dictated by the nutritional requirements of each species. Plants will normally live off a diet that is either from the soil along with what they make through photosynthesis. Animals on the other hand will live on a diet that comprises plant material or they could eat other animals. A smaller group of animals consumes a diet of both plant matter as well as other animals. Animals are broadly classified as per their diet in there groups as follows. Carnivorous animals are those whose main diet is the flesh of other animals. Herbivorous animals are those that live on a diet of plant matter. Omnivorous animals have a diet that combines both plant matter and animal flesh.

Animals are classified as per their diets because it has a significant impact on their lifestyle. Those that live off plant matter will require special adaptation in their digestive systems that will help them break down the plant matter that they eat. Animals that live off flesh are required to have the ability to prey on other animals in order to survive. Omnivorous animals will have adaptation that allows them to prey on others as well as digest complex plant matter.

Diet is also commonly used in reference to a prescribed food regiment that one is required to follow as recommended by a nutritionist. The recommendation may be in response to a health concern or as per the physical and metabolic requirements that an individual may have. Normally such prescribed diets will seek to supply nutrients that will either help the body fight a particular condition or supply it with enough fuel to accomplish what is required of it.

For those who may have issues with excess weight, diet will mean that they are eating sparingly and most likely following a prescribed food regiment. When dieting, the individual will be looking to reduce the calories that are consumed so as to reduce weight. Excessive weight has been proven to cause many health complications and it is normally caused by the over consumption of high calorie foods by individuals who lead a low activity lifestyle. It is therefore important to have a diet that is healthy and sufficient as per your activity level. In case you have failed to do this in the past you can consult a nutritionist to come up with a diet for you or where things may have gone to far you could ask them to help you diet.

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